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Danielle's Corner Office: April 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's WOYWW and I have been MIA for weeks!

so it's time to once again dig out my camera and snap a pic of my workdesk and post away. If you haven't joined in the funn of WOYWW and are wondering what it is I'm going on about, hop ever to Julia's blog at and have a look around. Just beware-it's addictive! So, on too my desk...I have a screen printing kit and a handful of clear stamps I bought last week, but haven't been able to do anything with because I've been working for the past 8 days and I have 2 more to go until I get a full day off. I'm trying to save lots of money for my trip to Ireland and England in July, but I would like a little more time off. I haven't been able to do any crafting for weeks. After Kristen's wedding I started to make some note cards for the newlyweds, but haven't gotten them finished. I have the weekend off so I'm hoping to finish them. Hope every one has a great day!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Ah, Spring!

I don't think I have a favorite season, but there are things I love about each season. Spring has finally arrived in Western Maryland and today on my way home from work I was thinking about some of the things I really love about spring and thought I'd share.
1. I love the way the green creeps up the mountain. Right now there is the barest hint of celery green at the bottom of the mountain and day by day as I drive home from work I will see the color deeped to a vibrant green and it will slowly make it's way to the top of the ridge.
2. I love the orchards in the spring, especially if it is a newly planted orchard. All those baby trees bursting with blooms looks like babies all in a row dressed in lace.
3. I love the sound of the birds singing early in the morning as the dawn is breaking. It's almost like they are singing the sun up.

Hope you are enjoying this lovely time of year where you are!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I've been MIA ...

I've been scheduled to work every dy since Kristen's wedding except Tuesday. I did get to be off Sunday also, because I wasn't needed, but it's been a really busy week! I didn't even get a post in for WWOYW! Of course, there wasn't anything interesting on my desk to show anyway. I do have some note cards in the planning stage for Kristen and Kyle. They can use them as Thank You notes or just as plain note cards and I hope to have them finished by early next week. I will post them as soon as I get them done.