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Danielle's Corner Office: Pretty girls in pretty dresses!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pretty girls in pretty dresses!

Prom was on May 30th for my daughters' school. Amy was a senior and Rachel was a freshman. Rachel wasn't expecting to go at all, being a freshman, but one of her friends who is a junior doesn't have a steady girlfriend and he asked her. She was thrilled. I had to work that afternoon and when I got home from work the girls were just about ready to go. Ron took more photos, but they were on the 35mm camera and the film hasn't been developed. These photos aren't great, they are on my old digital camera that I bought about 13 or 14 years ago. I really need to get a new camera! Amy dress is a medeival style. The underskirt and the bodice insert are gold crep-backed satin, the overskirt and the rest of the bodice is ivory brocade and the sleeves are gold organza. It was such fun to make, but it took me a long time since I worked on it in short blocks of time because of my busy work schedule. Rachel's dress was purchased at a local department store since I didn't have enough time to make her dress also. Maybe next year I wil be able to make a dress for her.




1 comment:

  1. Oh Danielle, Amy's dress turned out just GORGEOUS.. and Rachel's is very pretty, how lucky she was able to go too... You must be a proud mom, they are beautiful girls.