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Danielle's Corner Office: WOYWW

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I haven't participated in WOYWW for months, but today I am proud to show off my work desk! On my work desk is the beginning of my daughter's wedding dress. There re also some favor boxes that we have been putting together, but they are pre cut, not something we made. Now I need to get busy on the rest of the dress, because the wedding is Friday night! Have a great Wednesday! Take a peek at everyone's desk at


  1. Oh Danielle, lovely to see you and how exciting for Friday! What a marvellous labour of love making thee dress for you daughter is, am sure she will feel totally special and hugely loved as she walks down the aisle. Ave a great day.

  2. wow, I hope you show a picture of the dress you made!!! How awesome! I know you will have a busy week too, how fun!

  3. OMG! Sounds like me! My daughter wanted burgundy velvet wedding dress for her Halloween wedding years ago. I was still working on that dress the night before the wedding. I haven't sewn since! Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

  4. I'm doing a quick drop in on the WOYWW desks to see what you've all been up to this week. Looks like we are all busy busy this week getting ready for the big day.
    Have a great week.
    A x
    ps if you would like to support me I am looking out for votes for my poppy pic. Please pop over to my blog and follow the links if you have a spare minute.

  5. OM gosh! the wedding is friday, you got a lot of work ahead of you. Have fun! Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW!

    Shirley Pumpkin #63

  6. So, how did the wedding go? I'm pretty sure your daughter was very excited and nervous about that day. Well, it’s going to be a new part of her life. Congratulations to the both of you! Is that your home office in the picture, or is it just your own office space in a big company?

  7. The wedding was great, but I am praying that the marriage will be even better!