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Danielle's Corner Office: Basket Tags

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Basket Tags

Kristen sent Amy to buy inexpensive baskets to organize our mail today. We seem to get a ton of mail and sometimes it sits on the counter and gets lost in the general clutter of the 6 of us coming home and throwing keys, purses or whatever else we are carrying on the kitchen counter. I made these tags for the baskets so we would know which basket was new mail and which one was opened mail to be filed. I cut the mailbox and letters from Doodlecharms and the grass from Zooballoo. The mailbox post is cut by hand and I doodled a little on it and on the letters. "You've Got Mail!" is handwritten with a gel pen. The cute little file folders are cut from Fabulous Finds. I hand wrote the letters on the folders, inked them with Walnut ink and hand wrote "To Be Filed". I hope it helps us keep things a little better organized, but I'm not holding my breath-LOL.



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