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Danielle's Corner Office: Why "Danielle's Corner Office"?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why "Danielle's Corner Office"?

I just thought I'd do a little post about the name of my blog. It has nothing to do with crafting and yet this blog is mostly about crafting. A lot of the blogs I read have some reference to the types of crafting the author does or the materials they use, (paper, yarn, the Cricut die cutter, etc.). Well, I do all types of crafts and my crafting materials were all over the house. I had my sewing in a corner of the bedroom, my yarn in baskets all around the living room, my papercrafting all over the dining room, and assorted general crafting items in closets, cupboards, etc. My husband told me he wanted his house back, so he built a craft room for me in our basement. Our basement was unfinished so it was not an easy project. He had to frame out the room, put up drywall, do the wiring and put down flooring. He put it in the corner of the basement that is at ground level so I have 2 nice windows. They face south and west so I get great light. It's big and bright and I love my "corner office". 

1 comment:

  1. Sounds great. Would love to see some pictures. I just revamped my office and posted some pictures. Please come take a look at my blog, I'm a fellow Marylander!!