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Danielle's Corner Office: WOYWW

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's "What's on your workdesk Wednesday" and my workdesk is partly clean for a change! After I finished the card I made for my mother last night I put a few things away. I still have my paper trimmer, some stamped images that I need to color, bits and pieces of paper, a knitting project I working on (the purple and yellow yarn), odd envelopes, a few ink pads, and my iron and ironing board (but they live there).Today I hope to make a Thinking of You card, but I haven't started the process yet.




  1. Hi Danielle!
    Had to comment because I just loved your mothers birthday card. Gorgeous!! and because ... I'm an RN and I grew up in MD! Went to Montgomery College for nursing and started my life ANF career at Suburban Hops in Bethesda. Familiar w/ any of those?? lol

    Hugs Claudia

  2. Love the fact that the ironing board seems to be part of the crafting - much better use than ironing ~ Nicky no. 9

  3. Best use for an ironing board I've seen yet!!

    Brenda 89

  4. busy work space. I agree this is the best use for an ironing board I have seen. I think I own one! Vickie

  5. Wow, that table looks very L O N G! Love that 'terrace' created by the ironing table! Please don't be offended but yellow and purple - strong colours together - can you tell me what you're knitting? I won't tell!