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Danielle's Corner Office: WOYWW

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's WOYWW at Julia's place- and I had to play along. This week as usual my space is a mess. I am trying to use up some of my scrap paper and I'm not making much progress. That huge plastic accordian folder holds most of my scraps, and a few stickers. I picked out some green papers for St. Patricks Day and they are lying beside the folder. I've got a few stamps out, some vellum, a small roll of vinyl, ink pads, a few tools and emellies lying about, and of course my ever faithful companion-my iron. lol I think I may have to name the thing, it's always sitting there, even tho I rarely use it.  So-What on Your Workdesk this Wednesday? I'll be checking in to see!




  1. Ah jeez, St.Pats day stuff.
    That's my son's birthday so I have to gather some green crap and make him something...
    Like a leprechaun.
    Or whatever.

    Monday will be for us winos. Really for all drunks of all kinds...
    Because we are united in our alcoholism.

  2. I love the green card (my fav colour). Hugs Pam x

  3. I have a plastic accordian wallet not unlike your bulging one! Have fun with all your makes.

    Sherry (133) - thanks for your visit to my desk already x

  4. Thats an interesting looking desk, I love that green card xxx

  5. Lots of crafty goodness there. Love the green. I need to make a couple St. Pat's cards this weekend. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #69

  6. Your desk looks super fun to play on. I think naming your iron is a great idea!

  7. I admit, probably the only time an iron gets used in my house is when I am crafting! Love the desk, Shaz #118

  8. Love the green for St Paddy's Day. How about Byron the Iyron for giggles ;) Love your stash. #120

  9. I have threatened my husband. He is not to mess with my tools. I've only had them a month and so far so good. We will see. I don't have to mark mine with polish. We can tell the difference because we know where mine are.

    I got a silhouette machine in the mail today. I can't wait to play with it but I have to read the directions first. I hate reading directions. Your desk makes me want to play with it. Now.

  10. Lots of lovely things on your desk today. I don't think I shall be naming my iron - I try to avoid it whenever possible.

  11. Loads of crafty goodies there love the cards on your blog they are all really nice. Aud 122

  12. That's usually what my desk looks like minus the iron. Happy WOYWW

  13. I am glad that I'm not the only who uses the 'push-back' technique, as in just pushing all the mess back a bit to create a small working area lol!!

    That is certainly alot of scraps you have there! Most of mine just go back into the drawer with the full sheets, so I dread to think how much I had if I separated them like that!!

    Thanks for your comment on my desk, and I hope you had fun making St Paddy's stuff.

    Charli x

  14. I think we all have a huge collection of scraps. Well done on trying to use some of it up and I hope your cards went well.
    I've just read the next post too and Congrats for your daughter. How lovely to be able to do her flowers for her.
    Thanks for your lovely comments.
    Hugs Lisa (119)

  15. I think we all have a large pile of scraps lurking somewhere in our rooms! Good luck with the wedding. I am sure it will be a FAB day!!
    Thanks for visiting me.

  16. wow thats a big folder of scraps to use up ~ running late this week but just getting in before it all starts again ~ Nicky 2