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Danielle's Corner Office: Computer problems

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Computer problems

I hate it when I have problems with my computer! Right now it's completely down and I am on my husband's computer. Of course it would happen on a weekend, so I can't get it to our computer tech until later, but at least I can borrow Ron's computer!

We had a big family dinner last night at our house. Ron and I cooked (and the kids and I cleaned) all day! Ron loves to have big get togethers. We had a total of 16 around the table last night! Ron built our table and instead of adding leaves to the middle of the table, he just made big extensions so it can stretch the whole length of our 20 ft. long dining room! It was a good evening, but man, was I tired when it was all over!

That was our last fling for the holidays, so the Christmas season is officially over at our house. The tree is down, all the decorations are away and life is settling back into it's routine. Amy and Rachel go back to school tomorrow and Kristen and Lance will start classes again soon, too. We are all looking forward to new challenges for 2009. I hope you are too!


1 comment:

  1. I am still trying to get the house back together...going slow. Alex and I will start school tomorrow. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas